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Complete Compost Analysis of Our Turkey Litter

Dr. Gobbler operates an animal manure compost site that is regulated by the TCEQ under permit # WGQ200000.

To see all of the benefits of our turkey litter, read our detailed compost analysis.

Local Distributors in Waco, Texas Area

  • Barare's Nursery
  • Empire Seed
  • Westview Nursery
  • Organic Plus Nursery
  • Lawns Limited Waco, TX
  • Ace Hardware Clifton, TX
  • Ace Hardware Hewitt, TXs

Compost Process

Discover how we have made significant improvements in our composting process and methods using state-of-the-art equipment. We have been featured on the TV program Dirty Jobs by the Discovery Channel, showing that we have the best compost available in Texas, which meets the highest standards.

Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, we process our material with a Sittler™ Windrow Turner. The special creeper gear allows the material to be aerobically made. This turner is manufactured along with a John Deere™ 7132 Tractor and has been endorsed by Elaine Ingham.

On our analysis data sheet and special analysis data sheet, we compiled data from the compost we supply to nurseries in bulk loads, as well as smaller bags of 1.5 cubic feet. This analysis reflects the results of using our normal process, although some outcomes vary.


Learn how our turkey litter is useful to your nursery in our compost analysis.