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Comprehensive Litter Removal & Barn Clean-out

When you need litter removal or barn clean-out assistance for your farm, Dr. Gobbler is here for you. We clean up farms within Centeral, Texas.

Poultry Cleanup
Let us remove litter from your barns and clean them up. We create windrows of the material and load up to 20 tons onto our trucks inside of your barn, with trailers designed for barn use. If our trucks do not fit inside your barn, we push the litter outside and then load it onto our trucks.

After all the litter and any composted bodies are removed, we scrape the walls of your barn down and sweep the floors. Our average cleaning time for an 80,000-square-foot farm takes one week or less. For 120,000-square-foot turkey farms, it takes us between 7 to 10 days.

Litter Analysis


Call us for convenient litter removal and barn clean-out services to keep your barn fresh and habitable.